EK Energy Investors

Partner With Us – EK Energy is proud to have a distinct position in the acquisitions and divestitures market place within the complex energy sector. We offer operators an opportunity to eliminate overhead when building leasehold positions, while maintaining competitive offers for our mineral clients. In addition, we can provide a fruitful foundation to partner with other companies looking to enhance their participation portfolios in our areas of mutual interest.

EK Participation Program – Are you an investor looking for a lucrative opportunity in oil and gas? Consider investing in the EK Participation Program. Participating with us can provide a strong piece to your diverse investment portfolio. The demand for fossil fuels is rooted in our infrastructure, thus, participating with us on a well by well basis can provide positive potential for building your personal wealth. In an effort to encourage domestic drilling, the US Government has implemented tax codes which allow for the write-off of intangible drilling costs, as well as providing 15% allowable depletion. Under the EK Participation Program, investors actually own a portion of a well and receive a share of cash flow generated via monthly disbursements.